Photo of bicycle rack with people posing

Bicycle parking is an important component of any sustainable transportation system. By providing convenient and secure places for people to park their bicycles, communities can encourage more people to use bicycles for transportation and recreation. Through the RIDE Solutions Virginia program, we provide information and resources on how to access bicycle parking across the region

Friends Of The Blue Ridge & RVARC Bike Rack Program

TPicture of a Bicycle Rack he Friends of the Blue Ridge (FBR) is a non-profit based in Roanoke and dedicated to protecting and serving the Blue Ridge region. FBR has commissioned ten (10) corral-style racks, an example of which can be seen to the right. In cooperation with the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission (RVARC), FBR has made these bike racks available for installation throughout the Roanoke Valley and the general area that FBR/RVARC serves.

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to provide free or low-cost bicycle parking to areas and destinations which; need better access for non-motorized modes of transportation, are underserved, see high numbers of visitors, are popular gathering places, or provide a public service.

Distribution Goals

The goals of distributing these bike racks are to increase bike parking in the service area for FBR/RVARC and support better access to public institutions, recreational opportunities, and gathering spaces. FBR/RVARC would like to see the bike racks installed equitably throughout the areas that the organizations serve, and placed where they would provide the most benefit to users and visitors.


FBR anticipates that, with the successful distribution of the existing bike racks, future commissions may be possible. The current application/solicitation period is Fall of 2023, which will run from August through December. An application form is available as a fillable PDF: FBR-RVAR - Bike Rack Application.

Certain public or non-profit organizations may be solicited to determine if they are interested in a bike rack.

To receive more information about this program please contact Andrea Garland, Director of the RIDE Solutions Program at Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission   (agarland at

Downlaod an application to request a Friends of the Blue Ridge Bike Rack here: FBR-RVAR - Bike Rack Application