Electric Bicycle Workshop at Danville Community College

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Electric Bicycle Workshop at Danville Community College

Danville Community College recently hosted an electric bicycle workshop at DCC.

Danville Community College operates one of two Light Electric Vehicle Association certification programs in the entire country.  The program aims to educate students on the world of hybrid electric bicycles.

E-bikes make it easier for cyclists to climb tough hills, make cycling more accessible to people living with physical handicaps; provide an alternative commute option for persons living near their workplace; and can even serve as an additional pathway for people interested in cycling as a form of exercise.

Some students were looking for information on how to maintain their own electric bicycles, others were just curious.  By adding electric components to the bicycle, bike mechanics must familiarize themselves with not only the mechanical aspects of bicycle construction and maintenance, but also the electric components.

The course is an exciting program for any individual that is interested in learning more about electric bicycles.  To learn more about the electric bicycle program at DCC, visit the Danville Register-Bee.

Electric bicycles offer an excellent opportunity to get out and explore local communities such as Martinsville, Danville, Henry County, Patrick County and Pittsylvania County.  If you are interested in cycling, alternative modes of transportation, having access to reliable transportation, or just helping the environment as a whole, don’t hesitate to create an account!

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