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The U.S. Census Bureau recently released 2019 commuting data for the United States, via its OnTheMap online product.  OnTheMap is typically updated annually to reflect the most recent commutation trends to, from, and between communities in the U.S.  According to the OnTheMap website,, data sources used to identify commuting patterns include Unemployment Insurance Wage Records, the Office of Personnel and Management, and the Quarterly Census for Employment and Wages.

How is commuting data valuable to planners and policymakers?  It shows where people are commuting to from a given locality, and from which localities they are commuting from.  When analyzed over a period of time, such data can also provide information about emerging trends, such as whether commute-related travel between specific localities is increasing or decreasing.  OnTheMap can also show the direction and distance commuters of various income categories commute.  This is information is valuable because, especially in the case of lower or middle-income workers, it can help inform transportation decisions and policy, such as whether the extension of a transit route would be feasible.  The data can also be valuable for RIDE Solutions’ efforts, as it can point out localities experiencing the greatest need for alternative modes of transportation such as carpooling and vanpooling.

The graphs below show both incommuting and outcommuting data for the West Piedmont Planning District and each county and city located therein.  For each locality, the top ten origins and destinations are analyzed in the graphs, with the exception of the the West Piedmont Planning District, which shows the top fifteen, since so much commuting activity takes place from communities within the Planning District.

West Piedmont Planning District


Franklin County


Henry County


Patrick County



Pittsylvania County



City of Danville



City of Martinsville

If your commute involves transit or carpooling between or within different localities, or even walking or biking to work within your town or city, don’t forget to log these trips into the RIDE Solutions app to earn points toward shopping, dining, entertainment, or service discounts.  Download the free RIDE Solutions app at today and start saving!