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Each year, the Virginia Bicycle Federation monitors and advocates for or against bills that might affect bicycling and walking in Virginia, bills that could make it safer and easier or more dangerous and difficult to bicycle and walk. RIDE Solutions reports on the bills that the Virginia Bicycle Federation is watching. This article is for informational purposes; RIDE Solutions neither endorses nor opposes proposed legislation. You can find more information and track bills at

The Bicyclist Safety Act (SB1263, HB2262) made it through House and Senate committees and subcommittees and finally passed both sides – with an amendment. Two of the three parts of this bill – Change lanes to pass and Bicyclists may ride two abreast –  made it into law with the third part, Bicyclists must yield the right-of-way at stop signs, to be studied. The Virginia State Police weren’t so sure about that last provision, despite its success in other states and endorsement by other state police agencies.

The governor is expected to sign the amended bill and then it will be time to get to work with Virginia State Police to study the implications of bicyclists yielding the right-of-way at stop signs.

HB1930, which allows localities to set lower speed limits without first performing a speed study, also passed both House and Senate and awaits the governor’s signature.