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As technology improves, many aspects of our lives do as well, and Danville Transit is no exception to such trends.  The transit agency now features a Bus Locator System on its website, which shows the location of buses on each of its routes in real time.  With this new tool, transit users can see exactly where the bus they will be waiting for is currently located at any given time, thereby helping them to estimate when it will arrive at their stop.

The system is available for use in either PC or mobile formats, and is highly user-friendly and simple to use.  The default page displays a map of the City of Danville and the surrounding area superimposed with each of Danville Transit’s routes.  On each route is displayed an image representing a bus which moves according to the movement of the actual bus.  If the user wishes, he or she may keep the view of only one route active simply by navigating to a toggle menu, where the “All” button can be switched off, which causes all of the routes to disappear.  The user would then select the route which they are interested in viewing by switching only it on.

A number of additional features are available to the user of the Bus Locator System.  Each of the bus images is represented by a different color, and a user can click on a bus depiction, which will then display the route name and number.  The menu also displays a link to the transit system’s two transfer hubs, one located on Spring Street, and the other, the NorDan hub.  When each is selected, the tool will zoom into and identify the hub on the map.  Danville Transit’s Route and Schedule Guide can also be directly accessed via the Information link on the menu.  Furthermore, an icon located at the top of the map will, when clicked, show the current location of the user, which can be helpful if their location within the city is not known; this can be used to determine which bus route is closest.

Danville Transit’s Bus Locator System is available at  The system can also be accessed by navigating to Danville Transit’s website and locating it on the site menu.

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