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On Thursday, July 11th, I had the pleasure of promoting the RIDE Solutions brand to associates of The Results Companies, located on Virginia Avenue in Collinsville, Henry County.  This particular day consisted of an employee appreciation event, so it was a great opportunity to make the associates aware of the mobility options RIDE Solutions can offer them.

The Results Companies serves a call center function with a national and global reach, and works on behalf of numerous corporate clients.  For example, the Collinsville location operates on behalf of a cable provider, where the company’s associates serve in a technical trouble-shooting capacity for the cable company’s customers.  This location of The Results Companies employs more than 400; the firm operates a second location in Stuart, Patrick County.

Angela Brumfield, the Site Operations Director for the Collinsville location of The Results Companies, noted that a significant issue faced by the company happened to be the fact that a number of associates were leaving the firm because they resided a considerable distance away from the workplace, and the cost of gas and driving in general were prohibitive.  RIDE Solutions can give these associates another commuting option, enabling them to remain with the company.  We can also assist The Results Companies in attracting qualified employees who may not otherwise apply or accept employment due to lack of transportation options.

The RIDE Solutions promotion at The Results Companies was successful, and nearly 40 associates signed up to be included in the Agile Mile ride-matching system used by RIDE Solutions.  To encourage associates to sign up, RIDE Solutions raffled off two $50 gas cards, and big congratulations to Lynn and Samantha – the two winners!

Perhaps RIDE Solutions can be your transportation solution.  To sign up, visit; creating an account with us is quick, easy, and free!  The more you use a green form of transportation such as carpooling, transit, vanpooling, walking, or bicycling and you log your trips, you more points you earn and the more rewards you’ll get!