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The Danville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), staffed by the West Piedmont Planning District Commission, has begun the process of updating the Danville MPO’s Long-Range Transportation Plan.  The MPO will hold its first public open house this Thursday, June 27th from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Pepsi Building at Crossing at the Dan, 660 Craghead Street, Danville.

The Long-Range Transportation Plan serves as a regional blueprint to provide an adequate transportation system over an approximate 25-year planning horizon.  The current Long-Range Transportation Plan, adopted October 2015, has a planning horizon to the year 2040.  The plan, required as a condition of transportation projects receiving federal funding, is updated on a five-year basis.  The plan is multimodal, encompassing all travel modes including roadway, freight, transit, air, bicycle, and pedestrian.  The document contains two key elements:  a constrained and a vision document.  The constrained portion of the plan includes projects that are reasonably anticipated to be funded over the life of the plan, given expected funding to the final year of the plan.  The vision portion of the plan contains those projects for which no funding is anticipated to be allocated; this element could be considered a project wish list.

The updated Long-Range Plan will have a planning horizon year of 2045.  The public will have opportunities via three public meetings or open houses to provide valuable input into the development of this plan.  Again, the first of these three opportunities will be at the Pepsi Building in Danville this Thursday afternoon and evening, June 27th, from 5 to 7 p.m.  Members of the community are strongly encouraged to participate so that their input regarding the region’s transportation system can be included in the development of this plan.  In reference to the development of the plan, the Danville MPO area includes the City of Danville as well as the urbanized portion of Pittsylvania County.  Please see the map below for boundaries which constitute the MPO.

Please learn more about the Danville MPO Long-Range Plan update at