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Since July, the West Piedmont Planning District Commission has been coordinating the RIDE Solutions program here in the West Piedmont Planning District.  Since that time, we have been promoting the program through various means such as ads in magazines, and a job fair and trade show, with more events to come.

We have recently begun meeting with one of the region’s larger employers, Monogram Foods, to promote the program.  Monogram specializes in the manufacture of snack foods such as beef jerky and similar products, which it ships around the world. In our meeting, company representatives expressed one challenge to expanding its workforce as the lack of access to transportation among some of its employees as well as many of those seeking employment at Monogram, particularly among those residing in the Danville area.  The company’s Vice President of Operations, Pat Strickland, noted that if more employees carpooled, there would be less need for an overflow lot, which is currently needed.  He, along with other staff, expressed eagerness for the RIDE Solutions program to be introduced throughout the Patriot Center Industrial Park, so as to enable a critical mass of employees to embrace the program to make carpooling, as well as vanpooling, viable and ubiquitous commute options for employees.

We are aggressively promoting the RIDE Solutions program throughout the West Piedmont Planning District, and especially at the Patriot Centre Industrial Park right now.  If you are or know of an employee who currently works at this industrial park or would like to, but lack reliable transportation, and carpooling is a commute option you or they would be willing to try, visit to learn about what this program has to offer.  Conversely, if you are an employer or human resources professional at Patriot Centre and would like to learn more about our program and how we can help your current employees and aspiring employees achieve greater commute reliability, we urge you to check out  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Joe Bonanno, at either or (276) 638-3987.