2018 Bike Hero and Extraordinary Bike Professional Awards

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2018 Bike Hero and Extraordinary Bike Professional Awards

We’re proud to announce the recipients of our 2018 Bike Awards – Chris Berry of Roanoke, VA for the Bike Hero award and Kyle Inman of Roanoke, VA for our Extraordinary Bike Professional. Read below for more on the great work these folks are doing for cycling in the region.

Join us for the presentation of the 2018 Bike Awards to Chris and Kyle on Tuesday, June 12, 5:45pm, at the start of the weekly L’Eroica Roanoke group ride.  The ride meets at the 202 Social House on the downtown market.

Chris Berry, Roanoke, VA – Bike Hero

Among many of his bike-related accomplishments, Chris has been the long time coach for Star City Cycling, Roanoke’s youth mountain biking club.  His nominations for the Bike Hero award cited the extent to which Chris has gone above and beyond in supporting youth cycling – not just in his personal commitments of time and energy as coach, but in his dedication to helping every kid who wants to ride have access to a bicycle and gear.

In addition to organizing fundraisers to support the team, it is not uncommon to see Chris make personal pleas across social media in an effort to get a bicycle for a prospective team member – often cobbling together individual donations from generous cyclists across the valley before being able to assemble a complete and functioning bike.

Recently, Chris has been working with Roanoke City Parks and Rec to create a series of walking and biking trails within Roanoke’s Morningside Park, a project that first involved a massive community-based cleanup effort at the park before trails could even be considered.  This is yet another example of the hard work Chris is willing to put it to make it easier for kids to access cycling, going so far as to bring trails to under-served neighborhoods to make it easier for the City’s youth to access our outdoor amenities.

For all this and more, we’re pleased to offer Chris Berry the 2018 Bike Hero award.

Kyle Inman, Roanoke, VA – Extraordinary Bike Professional

It might be a bit of a stretch to call Kyle Inman a bike professional – his day job is working at Roanoke’s WSLS television station – but the amount of time and effort he has put into organizing and promoting the region’s mountain biking amenities has certainly been a full-time job, so we thought he earned the title.

Kyle runs the bikeva.com website and is the force behind many of the region’s most popular mountain bike races, including the Middle Mountain Momma at Douthat State Park and the Creature from Carvin’s Cove in Roanoke.

Kyle’s decades of enthusiasm and hard work have contributed to the Roanoke Valley’s growing reputation as a premier outdoors destination – cemented with the recent announcement that Virginia’s Blue Ridge had received a Silver Level Ride Center designation by the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

It is because of Kyle’s long and professional service to making the region a better place to mountain bike that we are proud to award him the 2018 Extraordinary Bicycle Professional award.

Congratulations to both Chris and Kyle for their 2018 awards!


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