2018 Art of Mobility Prize Awarded

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2018 Art of Mobility Prize Awarded

Each year we sponsor the “Art of Mobility” award at The Taubman Museum’s Sidewalk Art Show, in downtown Roanoke.  This year’s award went to Linda Gourley of Dry Fork, VA, for her piece “Best of Friends Riding a Bike on the Beach.”

While the piece itself is available online, you can view more of Ms. Gourley’s work at her website.

Judging this award is always tricky.  We try to approach with a broad definition of “mobility,” recognizing art not merely because it contains an image of a vehicle of some kind, but because it highlights human movement and connection.  Modes of transportation have certainly been a theme of past award winners, but we’ve also awarded works highlighting urban space and human interaction.

We were pleased to award Ms. Gourley’s work in part because the mode of transportation – a bicycle – sneaked up on me.  I thought this is how it should be – the machine secondary to the people and place in the scene, but still present as a way to bring it all together.

You can ready about the other award winners over at The Roanoke Times.  You can also see two of our previous Art of Mobility award winners, Leah Thompson and Robin Poteet, as their work is featured on the covers of our 2015 and 2016 Writer by Bus chapbooks.

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