Tinker Creek Greenway Extension Boon for Workforce

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Tinker Creek Greenway Extension Boon for Workforce

Today, Roanoke City Council approved funding for the expansion of the Tinker Creek Greenway to Mason Mill Park, where it will eventually make its way to the Roanoke Centre for Industry and Technology – future site of the Deschutes Brewery.

Once completed, the greenway will offer a slightly-more-than three mile connection from its terminus at Wise Avenue to the industrial park.  More to the point, it’ll only be a slightly more than four mile trip from Downtown and much of Southeast Roanoke – most of which will be a safe, off-road bicycle trip.

We work with a lot of folks who are dealing with unreliable automobile transportation as they are trying to get to their jobs at the many companies with call centers and warehouses at the RCIT.  The 31x Express Route from Valley Metro can meet some of those needs, but is still limited to the transit systems standard operating hours – which means no late nights or Sundays.  For some folks, at least, the extension of the greenway will offer a safe alternative to needing to drive – which will mean regular, reliable access to work.

As the greenway network across the Roanoke Valley expands, its benefits to Roanoke’s economic picture and workforce access grows as well.  It truly is becoming Roanoke’s bicycle superhighway.

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