Park, Bike, or Bus

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Park, Bike, or Bus

We’re entering the fall festival season here in Roanoke, and with that comes concerns about parking in downtown.  Not to worry, though – you have options!

If you’re planning on coming down to one of Roanoke’s many upcoming festivals, concerts, or other celebrations, you might be concerned about parking.  Don’t be!  You have lots of ways to get downtown to enjoy the shows:

  • PARK Roanoke has lots of free parking options in downtown garages.  Plus, if you carpool with friends you’ll save money on parking and gas.  More info on that here:
  • Take Valley Metro!  Use our Google Transit trip planner to find your route and stop.  All buses will get you to Campbell Court, just a few blocks away, and a few routes can even drop you off right at Elmwood Park.
  • Ride your bike!  What a better way to enjoy some great outdoor festivals than getting there via a relaxing bike ride?  Plus, downtown is full of plenty of bike parking, and you can generally ride right up to the festival entrance instead of spending time circling to find a parking space.  Use our Bike Map to find a route and parking, or Request a Safe Bike Route from us directly and we’ll tell you the best way to get downtown.

Downtown Roanoke is a great place to be, and there are lots of easy – and free! – ways to get there.

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