Getting Started with Carpooling

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Getting Started with Carpooling

The easiest way to add capacity to our roads is through an old-fashioned solution: carpooling.

carpool_thumbnailAnyone who thinks back to their earliest science classes will recall the astounding fact that most matter is empty space, because the atoms that form everything in the universe are themselves mostly empty – comprised of a few particles in their nucleus, some electrons zipping in orbit around that nucleus, and that’s pretty much it.  Various forces hold atoms together and to each other, but between those nuclei and electron orbits is nothing but space.

Now, imagine a tractor-trailer accident on I-81 causing a 5-mile traffic jam.  Flying over the scene in a helicopter, you’d see a solid ocean of idling cars and trucks, bumper to bumper from exit 143 in Roanoke all the way past Salem filling two travel lanes.  In fact, you’d be looking at over 7,000 cars taking up 20% of the interstate between Roanoke and Christiansburg.

And you’d mostly be looking at empty space.

In Roanoke, the vast majority of commuters drive alone.  Each driver – the nucleus of the car, if you will – is only taking up 1/4 of total seat capacity at best, even less in the case of large SUVs or minivans.  If you look at that same traffic jam in terms of people rather than cars, a backup that might take hours to clear and fills a fifth of the interstate, actually involves so few people they could all fit in the Roanoke Civic Center with plenty of room to spare.

All those empty seats present an enormous opportunity to improve the capacity, efficiency, and lifespan of our roads, and can be realized without investing in any new technologies or transportation systems.  In fact, the best, easiest solution is an old-fashioned one: carpooling.

Through RIDE Solutions regional carpool matching database, commuters have access to a free, simple way to find others who share their work hours and basic route.  Commuters simply provide a few pieces of information about their commute through the website, and RIDE Solutions does the work of finding likely matches – including using regional park-and-rides and other meeting points to find potential carpool partners through a process called “corridor matching.”  Employees control how their data is shared with others, and there’s no requirement to form a carpool with anyone on a given match list.  Plus, their Guaranteed Ride Home program ensures that commuters are never stuck without a ride if something unexpected happens.

Though anyone can access the carpool matching system at, employers contribute significantly to the success of the program.  Employees are more likely to take advantage of carpooling if supported by their bosses and HR departments, and businesses can implement simple incentives such as preferred parking spaces and parking buy out that can be a win-win for your employees and your organization.

The RIDE Solutions Workplace program can help your business implement a carpool program – and more – absolutely free of charge.   For information on becoming a Workplace partner, visit our Workplace page at


12 thoughts on “Getting Started with Carpooling

  1. I am looking to join a carpool from Lynchburg to C’ville. I currently work 7am-3:30pm Mon-Thurs I can move my hours some and probobly could even do 4 days Tues-Fri. I am currently living in Waynesboro but will be moving to Lynchburg around August 2015

  2. I am looking for a ride from vinton to roanoke 4-5 nights a week. my hours are from 12:30 p.m. untill 9-10 pm. I know there are wherehouses in that area with people leaving from second shift. I can wait till eleven or later for a ride but am in diere straight due to vally metro stopping at 7:30. Gas is not a problem. new job i do not want to lose due to ride.

  3. I am looking for a car pool from the Bonsack area to Plantation Road near Hollins (Wells Fargo). I work from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F. I can share the driving responsibilities by week or by day.

    • Catrina, we’d be happy to pull a carpool match list for you – just register here by clicking Create an Account at the top of the page. When your account is created, click Request a Carpool Match from your account dashboard and follow the instructions.

  4. I need a ride to and from work starting in January. Unsure of exact date, but we’re moving to a house out on Arrowhead Trail and I will need a ride into downtown Blacksburg every weekday. I work from 8:30-about 5:15 everyday. Some days are until 6, but I can figure that out later. Can you match me with someone? I am fine getting into Bburg earlier that 8:30. Thanks for all your help!

  5. Im working on getting a job at altec , in Danville Virginia. I would need a ride there and back during the week most likely the hours will be 6am-3pm. 30$ each week for gas when i start getting payed.

  6. Need ride back and forth to work from Bassett fieldale are to results in collinsville between any hours from 8 am to 1 am

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