VT Wins Bike Award

The Extraordinary Bike Professional award recognizes excellence in building employer-based bicycle programs and for public sector employees who improve bike facilities in their communities.

Virginia Tech’s Alternative Transportation Manager, Debby Freed, was recognized with the 2013 Extraordinary Bike Professional award at the May 31st Night Rider’s Ball.  The award ceremony was culminated a month-long series of events celebrating bicycles in Central and Southwest Virginia.

Debby was recognized for her work on cycling starting in 2000 with the VT Bicycle Working Group, a group of staff, citizens, and students who met to help make the Virginia Tech campus a safer place to bicycle  As Alternative Transportation Manager for VT, she is involved in various programs such as Bike, Bus, Walk within the the Commuter Alternatives Program to provide 15 daily parking permits for students/staff who agree to walk, bike, or bus to VT. Recently her office supported the Second Annual Blacksburg Cycle Chic event, a fashion show that celebrates the everyday people who choose bicycling as their primary mode of transportation. She also helps coordinate or provide support for efforts such as U-Car Share, Zimride, Carpool programs, and the NRV Bike Kitchen. There are others she has helped with behind the scenes as well such as efforts by the NRV PDC and NRV MPO in support of bicycling, and the receipt of a 2012 Race to Excellence award for the 3rd year in a row, awarded by The Best Workplaces for Commuters, a program managed by the National Center for Transit Research .