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The Walking Man’s Best Friend
Tim Thornton
The Thirty Minute Neighborhood
Shari Dragovich
Anywhere You’re Going
Meighan Sharp
In Transit
Melanie Almeder

2018 Writer by Bus – Tim Thornton

Tim Thornton’s family has lived in Southwest Virginia at least since Thomas Jefferson lived in the White House. Thornton’s first writing job was covering high school sports when he was in high school. He’s reported about many things since then, but he keeps getting drawn back to the people and the culture, the land and the water in the section of Appalachia closest to his home.

Thornton’s work has earned awards from state press associations, the Society of Environmental Journalists and the National Newspaper Association. He’s been honored with the Phillip D. Reed Memorial Award for Outstanding Writing on the Southern Environment and the D. Lathan Mims Award for “editorial leadership and service to the community.” His reporting has been broadcast on Virginia Public Radio, West Virginia Public Radio and National Public Radio.

Thornton teaches English composition and Appalachian literature at Virginia Western Community College and spends as much of each summer as possible traveling to fiddlers’ conventions. He lives in Shawsville with his wife, their son and two large, loud dogs.

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