The Railyard

Bonsack to Downtown Roanoke via Vinton.



Route vetted by members of the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club



Distance:: 6.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
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Bonsack to Downtown Roanoke via Vinton

Beginning at Bonsack United Methodist Church, you’ll hug Roanoke’s historic rail lines to Vinton. From there, you’ll travel west along Campbell Avenue, alongside the Norfolk Southern shops, and into downtown Roanoke to the Transportation Museum.

Start at: Bonsack United Methodist Church.
0.2 mi – Turn left onto Bonsack Rd. 0.1 mi – Turn left onto Challenger Ave./Route 460. Walk your bicycle along the left-hand side of the road in this high-traffic area. 1.0 mi – Turn left onto Carson Rd.
0.5 mi – Follow Carson Rd. as it becomes Belle Ave.
0.5 mi – Bear left onto King St. This can be a high-traffic corridor; consider walking your bike.
0.7 mi – Turn left onto Berkley Rd. There is a steep hill; consider walking your bike.
0.3 mi – Bear right onto N. Blair St.
0.1 mi – Cross Washington Ave. onto S. Blair St.
0.2 mi – Turn right onto East Jackson Dr.
0.0 mi – Cross South Pollard St.
0.0 mi – First Destination: Vinton Administration Building
0.6 mi – Turn left onto Walnut Ave.
0.2 mi – Bear left on Walnut Ave.
0.8 mi – Follow Walnut Ave. as it becomes Wise Ave.
0.2 mi – Turn left onto Norfolk/Campbell Ave.
0.6 mi – Follow Campbell Ave. past Norfolk Southern shops
0.0 mi – Cross Williamson Rd. into Downtown
0.0 mi – Turn right onto Market St.
0.1 mi – Cross Salem Ave. and continue on Market St.
0.4 mi – Turn left onto Nofolk Ave./Rail Walk
End at: Virginia Museum of Transportation.

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