Southwest County to Downtown Roanoke

The Sidewinder


Route vetted by members of the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club

Distance: 8 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
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Southwest County to Downtown Roanoke

One of the more challenging routes with some hilly areas and traffic, the Sidewinder will take you from the Kroger parking lot in the Cave Spring area to Tanglewood Mall, and then onto neighborhood streets to Virginia Western Community College. Using the Colonial Avenue bike lanes and the Roanoke River Greenway, you’ll come into downtown from the Wasena bike route and to the Transportation Museum.

Start at: Kroger parking lot, Brambleton Ave. 0.4 mi – Turn left onto Colonial Ave.
1.3 mi – Turn right onto Penn Forest Blvd.
0.2 mi – Turn left onto Starkey Rd.
0.0 mi – Cross Route 419/Electric Rd.
0.5 mi – Continue on Starkey Rd.
0.3 mi – Turn left onto Ogden Rd. at Tanglewood Mall
1.0 mi – Turn right onto Winding Way Rd. Watch for vehicle barrier.
0.1 mi – Turn left onto Dogwood Ln.
1.4 mi – Turn right onto Colonial Ave. in front of Virginia Western Community College. Consider walking your bike between the Wonju and Brandon intersections.
0.2 mi – Turn right onto Brandon Ave. Follow paved shoulder.
0.1 mi – Turn left onto Franklin Rd.
0.0 mi – Turn right onto Wiley Dr.
1.0 mi – Turn left immediately onto Roanoke River Greenway towards Wasena Park
0.1 mi – Turn left onto Winona Ave
0.3 mi – Turn right onto Main St. bridge bike route. Follow bicycle lane over bridge
0.2 mi – Turn left onto Ferdinand Ave. bicycle route
0.1 mi – Turn right onto 10th St.
0.8 mi – Turn right onto Campbell Ave.
0.1 mi – Turn left onto 3rd St.
End at: Virginia Museum of Transportation.

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