Northwest Passage

Hollins to Downtown Roanoke.

Northwest Passage


Route vetted by members of the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club



Distance: 6.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

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Hollins to Downtown

Starting in the CVS parking lot at the intersection of Williamson and Peters Creek, this route will take you south on neighborhood streets to the Lick Run Greenway near Valley View. Follow Lick Run south until Wells Avenue in Downtown, then along the Rail Walk to the hospitality booth at the Transportation Museum.


Start at: CVS parking lot, intersection of Plantation and Williamson.

0.0 mi – Follow driveway at rear of store to Dexter Rd.

0.2 mi – Cross Plantation Rd. and remain on Dexter Rd.

0.2 mi – Turn left onto Sunnybrook Dr.

0.3 mi – Turn right onto Boxley Rd. This is a steep, but short, hill, so walk your bike if necessary

0.2 mi – Turn left onto Greenway Dr.

0.0 mi – Bear right onto Manor St.

0.3 mi – Bear left immediately back onto Greenway Dr.

0.1 mi – Turn right onto Clubhouse Dr..

0.1 mi – Turn left onto Williamson Rd.

1.0 mi – Bear left onto Florist Rd.

0.3 mi – Cross Hershberger at light

0.3 mi – Continue on Florist Rd.

0.1 mi – Turn right onto Frontier Rd.

0.1 mi – Turn left on Hazelridge Rd.

0.4 mi – Turn right on Preston Ave.

0.2 mi – Cross Williamson onto Epperly Ave.

0.0 mi – Turn right onto Richland Ave.

0.2 mi – Turn left immediately onto Calloway St.

0.3 mi – Bear right onto Ravenwood Ave.

0.1 mi – Cross Huff Ln. onto concrete path through Huff Lane Park

0.0 mi – Exit Huff Lane Park through gap in fence onto Valley View Blvd.

0.0 mi – Cross Valley View Blvd. at light and turn left onto wide sidewalk.

0.4 mi – Follow Valley View Blvd. towards Target. The sidewalk is part of the Lick Run Greenway and may be ridden

1.2 mi – Follow Lick Run Greenway to Downtown

0.2 mi – Turn right onto Wells Ave.

0.1 mi – Turn left onto Jefferson St.

0.0 mi – Turn right onto Centre St.

0.0 mi – Turn left onto Henry St.

0.0 mi – Cross Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge. You must walk your bike across the bridge

0.0 mi – Turn right between bridge and HSMM towards Norfolk Ave./Rail Walk.

0.2 mi – Turn left onto Rail Walk

End at: Virginia Museum of Transportation.

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