Art by Bike

Explore the some of the Roanoke Valley's most interesting pieces of art - from pieces in the City of Roanoke's public art collection, to murals and sculpture from private collections, and more.

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Distance: 8.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy

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Grandin area to Downtown Roanoke
The route begins at Patrick Henry High School’s artistic bus shelter, continues through the Grandin Village neighborhood, then travels along the Roanoke River Greenway towards downtown.  Connecting with the Mill Mountain Greenway at Williamson Road, it then follows the greenway into downtown Proper.  The bulk of the pieces you’ll explore are in the downtown core.  From there, the route leads into a portion of the Old Southwest neighborhood, where it will loop back into the mail route at Wasena Park.
The directions below assume you are travelling to and from Patrick Henry High school, though you may start the route at whatever point you choose.

This route was developed in partnership with the Roanoke Arts Commission to celebrate the unveiling of In a Tangle, the sculptural bike rack installed in the Grandin Village on July 1, 2011.  It was updated in 2013 with the unveiling of Whimcyle, a mural by the Roanoke Art Mural Project and local artist Toobz.


mp_01 Start at Patrick Henry High School bus stop.

Follow Grandin Rd.

mp_02 Stop at The World is a Village on the right, facing the 7-ll parking lot.

mp_03 Stop at In a Tangle on the left

Turn right onto Memorial Avenue.

mp_04 Stop at Trojan Dog on the right in front of the fire station.

Continue on Memorial Avenue.

Turn right at Black Dog Salvage into the parking lot of Vic Thomas Park.

Enter the Roanoke River Greenway.

mp_05 Stop at the Anne Masters Memorial Garden on the right.

mp_06 Stop at In Flux on the left.

Continue on the Roanoke River Greenway.

mp_07 Stop at Wasena Bridge

Continue on the Roanoke River Greenway

mp_08 Stop at Skate Park/Former Transportation Museum

Continue on Roanoke River Greenway

mp_09 Stop at Mutated Snail

Continue on the Roanoke River Greenway

Exit the Roanoke River Greenway at Hamilton Terrace

Turn left onto Hamilton Terrace

Turn left onto Walnut Avenue

Turn left onto Jefferson Street

Turn left onto Williamson Road

Enter the Mill Mountain Greenway

Follow the Mill Mountain Greenway towards Downtown Roanoke

Turn left onto Franklin Road

Turn right onto Jefferson Street

Turn right onto Luck Avenue

mp_10 Stop at Market Garage Mural Pedals and Parts inside the main garage entrance, on the left

mp_11 Stop at Flying Fish Escape on wall across from the Market Garage. You will need to park your bike and enter the alleyway immediately across the parking lot from the garage entrance

Exit onto Church Avenuue

mp_12 Stop at Century Plaza

Turn left onto Church Avenue

Turn right onto Jefferson Street

Turn right onto Campbell Avenue

mp_13 Stop at Youth murals

Continue on Campbell Avenue

mp_14 Stop at Symphonic Crosswalk

Turn left onto Williamson Road

Turn left onto Salem Avenue

mp_15 Stop at Stampede

mp_16 Stop at Dogmouth Fountain

mp_17 Stop at Bike Rack #9

Continue on Salem Avenue

Turn right onto the Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge. Walk your bike along the bridge

mp_18 Stop at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Turn right onto Centre Avenue

Turn left onto North Jefferson Street

mp_19 Stop at Recoil

Continue on North Jefferson Street

mp_20 Stop at Reading Garden

Turn left onto Patton Avenue

Turn left onto Gainsboro Road

Turn right onto Salem Avenue

mp_21 Stop at Fallen Firefighter at the Virginia Museum of Transportation

Continue on Salem Avenue

Turn left onto 4th Street

Turn left onto Campbell Avenue

mp_22 Stop at Officer Down at the City of Roanoke Police Department

Continue on Campbell Avenue

mp_23 Stop at Connect

Continue on Campbell Avenue

mp_24 Stop at Wilson Hughes graffiti mural

Continue on Campbell Avenue

Turn right onto 1st Street

Turn right onto Church Avenue

Continue on Church Avenue

mp_25 Stop at the War Memorial at Lee Plaza

Turn left onto 2nd Street

Turn right onto Luck Avenue

Continue on Luck Avenue

Turn left onto 5th Street

mp_26 Stop at Whimcycle

Continue on 5th Street

mp_27 Stop at Highland Park

Turn right onto Washington Avenue.

Turn right onto 6th Street

Turn left onto Highland Avenue

Follow Ferdinand Bike Route to Wasena Park

End at: Roanoke River Greenway Bridge.

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