Bike Routes

Looking for a safe bike route to work or shopping, or maybe a tour of the local sites? Check out some of our RIDE Solutions bike routes for ways to get around the region safely.

Commute Routes

Below is a list of some of the more commonly used and identified bicycling routes along some of the regions more easily biked roadways and often include greenway/trail connection points.

This list is certainly not a comprehensive list of all roads that can be and are used by cyclists.  For other routes in your area, check with your local bike club or sites such as for routes created and shared by regional cyclists.

Roanoke Routes

Lynchburg Routes

  • The Avenue: Boonsboro Road Food Lion to Downtown Lynchburg
  • The Woodland: Boonsboro Road Food Lion to Downtown via Blackwater Creek Bikeway
  • The Cranehill: Boonsboro Road Food Lion to Downtown via Blackwater Creek Bikeway and neighborhood roads.

None of these routes suit your commute route? Use our Interactive Bike Map to plot your own route using the Valley’s many bike amenities.


Self-Guided Tours

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Request a Route

You can request information on safe bike routes directly from RIDE Solutions.


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