Clean Commute Challenge

Take the pledge to bike, carpool, telecommute, or use transit during the month of May, and log your trips to track your progress.

Our Goal: 15,000 Miles Pledged



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Do your part to improve our air by taking the pledge to Commute Clean this May! Pick one day to try a clean commute mode, or challenge yourself to carpool, bike, bus, walk, or telecommute every day of the month. Mix and match modes to see what best fits your schedule.

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Taking the pledge is easy – existing RIDE Solutions members just need to log in and click the Clean Commute Challenge on their account page.  If you’re not a member, register – it’s fast and free – and you’re ready to go!


Winners for the Clean Commuter of the Year and Clean Commute Team of the Year will be announced at the Night Rider’s Ball on May 30.  Read below for specific details about how prizes are awarded:

  • The Clean Commuter of the Year
      • Awarded to the commuter who pledges the most miles during May
      • Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Underdog Bikes and a $50 Gift Certificate to River Rock Climbing in Roanoke
      • RIDE Solutions swag
  • The Clean Commute Team of the Year 
      • Awarded to the Team that logs the most miles during May.
      • Win a 1 hr group part and climb for up to 10 team members at River Rock Climbing in Roanoke. (Value $200)
      • RIDE Solutions swag
  • Weekly and Monthly Prize Drawings
      • Eligible to commuters who log their trips during the week and month of the drawing. Win prizes from businesses in the Roanoke, Lynchburg, and New River regions, including Lynchburg’s Craddock Terry Hotel, Blackwater Bike Shop, Bikes Unlimited, L’Oppleman and others.
      • Want to donate a prize? Contact Us

Park and Ride Facilities

Clean Commuters can explore their multi-modal commute options by driving their bicycle to any of the region’s park-and-rides and riding the rest of the way into work.

In Lynchburg, we’ve made a special arrangement with Liberty University to provide temporary park and ride space for the month of May.


Thanks to our friends at Roanoke Outside, Underdog BikesRiver Rock Climbing, the Craddock Terry HotelBlackwater Bike ShopQ99, and 101.5 The Music Place for sponsoring the 2014 Clean Commute Challenge!