A Walk in the Rain

Today’s rainy day has reminded me that I’m behind on a post I meant to write a few weeks ago.  Back in October, we worked with the CityWorks (X)po to host a field trip on what turned out to be a rainy Saturday morning.  The goal: to give attendees a first-hand experience of what it would be like to be car-free in Roanoke.


Goodwill Financial Worksheet Misses a Few Things

A friend of mine recently posted a worksheet her son had completed for a financial literacy program offered by Goodwill of the Valleys.  I was impressed with the detail of the sheet; even so, it missed a few things and made a few assumptions I thought worth noting – especially because they misstated the full cost of transportation.


Active Commuting – VT takes a day to focus on the benefits

On Wednesday, September 21, RIDE Solutions participated in Virginia Tech’s Active Commute Celebration. The event included 13 groups and organizations on campus and in the larger community that are promoting sustainable ways to actively commute – i.e., bike, bus and walk – and offering ways to change your perspective on when and where you can leave your car behind.


Deschutes Brewery and Ride Solutions Present: The 2016 Poker Ride


RIDE Solutions and Deschutes Brewery are excited to announce the 2016 Poker Ride featuring an evening of bikes, art, sweet prizes,live music, and tasty beer. The ride will feature stops at some of our favorite watering holes while exploring public art along the way. Riders will have a chance to win sweet prizes by collecting the best 5-card poker hand.

Becoming Clean Commuter of the Year

What did it take to win Clean Commuter of the Year in 2015? 93 trips. A little motivation. Planning. Encouragement from friends and coworkers. An employer actively supporting smart commuting.

2015’s winner – Emma Jones – is a regular clean commuter. She takes advantage of her employer’s support for telecommuting and connects her cycling with the bus on days she’s heading to the office. But she doesn’t stop with the daily commute; because she lives in town, she can and does use her bike and her feet to get around for errands and social outings.

This post isn’t just a success story about our winner. It’s a post on how you can be a successful clean commuter, too. more