Bicycle Friendly Ambassador Program

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Bicycle Friendly Ambassador Program

RIDE Solutions is happy to announce the launch of the Bicycle Friendly Ambassador Program.  Find out how you can help today!

At RIDE Solutions, our goal is to make our local communities and surrounding areas more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone. There are many ways that this can be accomplished, one of which is by connecting more seasoned bikers to those people who may not feel as comfortable in the bike commuting world.

Being a part of our Bicycle Friendly Ambassador program will allow more experienced riders to share their knowledge with beginner cyclists. This can be done through being involved in RIDE Solutions events like the St. Patrick’s Day Bike Mob, leading group social rides like the Tweed Ride, leading group commuting rides, helping with other events that promote biking like The Night Rider’s Ball, or just spreading your love for all things bicycling while riding around town!

We are very excited about this new program and can’t wait to see what we can do together. If you or someone you know is interested in being involved, please sign up HERE!

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